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regional director

An Undercurrents Regional Director is a liaison between the regional music scene and the Undercurrents national office in Cleveland, Ohio.

The role of an Undercurrents Regional Director is to interact with the local music industry. To communicate to song writers, musicians, bands, managers, agents, promoters, producers, club owners and media about the resources and events available through the undercurrents organization. The Regional Director is the local member in the music industry.

Responsibilities and Duties of the Undercurrents Regional Director

• Effectively communicate the use and application of Undercurrents resources in the advancement musical careers.
• Generate local sponsorship income for regional and national events.
• Work with local media’s involvement in local showcases, networking parties, forums, artist exchange tours, and national events.
• Coordinate regional Undercurrents Quarterly Showcase.
• Coordinate, organize and moderate local a monthly music education forums.
• Update Regional local industry listings (Undercurrents database).
• Maintain Regional webpage information and featured bands and events etc.
• Update local media about bands who have been selected to perform at Undercurrents Showcases.
• Coordinate local market tour to the Undercurrents annual event in Cleveland
• Organize “Undercurrents Showcase Exchange Program” between regions.
• Assist at the Undercurrents Annual Event Cleveland, Ohio.
• Coordinate regions trade show booth at the Undercurrents Conference Cleveland, Ohio.
• Track and process applications for local and national showcases.
• Represent the local music scene at the international showcase and forum held annually in Cleveland.
• Effectively negotiate and contract with local club owners for venue use for forums and showcases.
• Coordinate artist promotion and distribution into regional record / video stores.
• Set up interviews and pre-promotion for artists from other regions.

Undercurrents is now seeking individuals who are interested in becoming a Regional Director for their area of North America. If you are interested in interviewing for the position of Regional Director, please e-mail your resume to




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