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The Ohio Music Showcase

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Past but Recent Shows

08/03/2013 The Ohio Music Showcase

2013 Party with the Planet

4/21/2013 Earthfest 2013
  Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds
4/13/2013 Trumpet Genesis
  Cuyahoga Community College
8/2/2012 Rockin' the Fair Fest
  Columbus, OH
4/22/2012 Earthfest 2012
  Cleveland OH
4/5/2012 Project Gilgamesh
  Cuyahoga Community College
  Earthfest 2011
  Cleveland, OH
  Beachland Ballroom
  Cleveland, OH
2/27/2010 Jackie O's
  Athens, OH
2/26/2010 Victorian's Midnight Cafe
  Columbus, OH
2/13/2010 Beachland Ballroom
  Cleveland, OH
2/17/2010 Nietzsche's
  Buffalo, NY
2/13/2010 Beachland Ballroom
  Cleveland, OH
1/16/2010 The Friendly Inn
  Ellicott City, MD
1/15/2010 The Whiskey
  Annapolis, MD
1/14/2010 Nightcat
  Easton, MD
1/8/2010 The Docksider
  Erie, PA
12/19/2009 Kent Stage
  Kent, OH
11/25/2009 Beachland Ballroom
  Cleveland, OH
10/20/2009 Docksider
  Erie, PA
10/23/2009 Victorian's Midnight Cafe
  Columbus, OH
10/10/2009 Harvest Moon Beer Fest
  Nelson Ledges Quarry Park - Garrettsville, OH
10/09/2009 Victorian's Midnight Cafe
Columbus, OH
9/25/2009 River Street Jazz Cafe
Wilkes Barre, PA
9/11/2009 Musica
Akron, OH
8/22/2009 Waterband's Waterfest
  Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Garrettsville OH
8/21/2009 Waterband's Waterfest
  Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Garrettsville OH
8/1/2009 Jerry's Birthday Bash Festival
Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Garrettsville OH
7/31/2009 Docksider
Erie, PA
7/24/2009 Seven Hills Home Days Festival
Seven Hills, OH
7/17/09 Mothership Landing Festival
Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Garrettsville OH 
6/26/2009 Meadows Art & Music Festival
Cambridge Springs, PA
6/22/2009 Cleveland, OH - River Celebration
6/12/2009 Southwind Music Festival
  Romeo Champagne, Waterband
5/30/2009 Dayton, Ohio - Canal Street Tavern
Romeo Champagne
5/24/2009 Chagrin Falls, OH
  Blossom Time Festival


5/22/2009 Erie, Pennsylvania - Docksider
05/09/2009 Morgantown, WV - Tree Huggers Ball
Dr. Slothclaw
Fletchers Grove
Natural Breakdown
Sunshine Family Band
The Bridge
03/27/2009 Akron - Musica
Steve Johnson Band
Monkey Day Parade
3/22/2009 Worldwide Web Live
  3WD 2009


03/14/2009 Erie - Docksider
Romeo Champagne
03/13/2009 Columbus - Scarlet & Gray
The Vessel
03/18/2009 Cleveland - Beachland Ballroom
Rubblebucket Orchestra
01/24/2009 Ellicott City - The Friendly Inn
01/23/2009 Annapolis - Rams Head Roadhouse
01/22/2009 Chestertown - Andy's Nightclub
01/09/2009 Cleveland - Winchester Music Hall
  Waterband / The Spikedrivers
12/20/2008 Columbus - Skully's Music Diner
  The Spikedrivers
12/19/2008 Peach's Bar and Grille
7/21/2007 Cincinnati - Dirty Jacks's
  Another Tragedy, Crooked Rook, After Elvis
6/16/2007 Cincinnati - Dirty Jacks's
  Pike, Wicked Liz & the Bellyswirls, The Vinyltones, Tangerine
5/19/2007 Erie, Pennsylvania - Docksider
  The Jungle, Cowboy Messiah
5/19/2007 Cincinnati - Dirty Jacks's
  fOMER, Billy Carri
5/6/2007 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Liquafly, The Dream Intended, Blackjack Flannigan, Featherlight
4/21/2007 Cincinnati - Dirty Jack's
  Pike, Sunspot, After Elvis, The Lion's Rampant
4/14/07 Canton, Ohio - Loop Cafe
  Most Beautiful Losers, Robots on Crack, Cowboy Messiah, Escaping Grace
4/6/2007 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Escaping Grace, The High, Liquafly
4/1/2007 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Blacktop Memo, Lakeview, The Most Beautiful Losers, The Jungle
3/17/2007 Cincinnati - Dirty Jacks's
  Patient Zero, The Trojan Rabbit, Escaping Grace, Strip the Image
3/4/2007 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Willabe Haze, Ivin and the Popetarts,
Another Found Self, Blackjack Flannigan
2/24/2007 Cincinnati - Dirty Jacks's
  Cowboy Messiah, The Most Beautiful Losers
2/18/2007 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  DNR, Escaping Grace,
Modern Habit, Freaks of a Feather
2/17/2007 Cincinnati - Dirty Jacks's
  PKP, Pike, Screaming Mimes, Seconds Away
1/21/2007 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Carolai, Neighbor, Ivin and the Popetarts, Fyne
1/20/2007 Cincinnati - Dirty Jacks's
  Lithium, Arapyman, Another Tragedy, Pulse 8
1/13/2007 Pittsburgh - Peter's Pub
  PKP, The Lab Rats, Channel 4
1/7/2007 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  After the Fall, Level SD, Orion, Dagger-Mouth, Catgut Tonic, Plan of Action
12/17/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  DNR, HGM, The Hormones, Escaping Grace,
The Upside of Being Down
12/9/2006 Detroit - New Dodge
  Cowboy Messiah, Starving Goliath, Charlie Don't Surf
12/2/2006 Pittsburgh - 3B's Lounge
  Modern Habit
Another Tragedy
11/19/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Seven Day Weekend, Escaping Grace, DNR, HGM
11/18/2006 Cincinnati - Dirty Jacks's
  Crybaby, Modern Habit, Touchtone
11/12/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  HGM, Nelson Justice, Neighbor, Failure to Fall
11/05/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  The Hormones, Plan of Action, DNR, Thew Upside of Being Down
10/29/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  The Resistors, Seven Day Weekend, Katason, The Relevence
10/22/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Escaping Grace, Distension,
Stratosphere, Orion
10/21/2006 Pittsburgh - 3B's Lounge
  Modern Habit, Starving Goliath
10/15/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Dollface Divine, Forwarned, Forarmed
10/8/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Freaks of a Feather, The Lab Rats, Deezy
9/30/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Channel 4, Crimson Dawn, Firefly
9/24/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Brad Labbaken, Dodging August, Lourds
9/22/2006 Detroit - 313 Jacs
  Casey Stratton, Gretchen Wolff,
Jason Quicksall, Pat O'Brien
9/21/2006 Indianapolis - Birdy's Live
  Hustler, Mobley, Grandpa San Pedro
9/17/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Drunk by Six, Jesse & the Rippers, The Shuttlecocks
9/16/2006 Detroit - Old Miami Nightclub
  The Impaler's Inquistion,
Totally Disturbed,
The Idiots,
Paperback Ninjas, Sons of Strippers, F.O.C.
9/10/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Seven Day Weekend, The Hormones, HGM
9/7/2006 Cincinnati - Mad Frog
  Seconds Away, De-hydrated, The Brown Notes
8/31/2006 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk
  Joy Ike
8/27/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Deezy, D.O. Dub B da Banga, Channel 4
8/25/2006 Columbus - Blues Station
  Kevin Mohl & the Burning Sensation
8/24/2006 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk
  Sonji, B Nimble & the Boys
8/24/2006 Indianapolis - Birdy's Live
  Hustler, New York to Nowhere
8/20/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Kairos, Johnny Thunder, Dollface Divine
8/17/06 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk
  Maxwell House and the Perkulators
8/11/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondog's
  Bullet Jones, PKP, Modern Habit
8/12/2006 Detroit - Paychecks
  The Lo Hello, The Five Star Hotel Fighter
Bullet Jones, Marilyn's Bathdance
8/10/2006 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk
  Channel 4, Missing Pages
8/6/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondog's
  Underlying Arrogance, Sun Kings, Further Review
8/5/2006 Cleveland - Wilbert's
  The Season, A Little Loose
8/3/2006 Cincinnati - Mad Frog
  Spindle, 8 Kount, Last Offer
8/3/2006 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk
  Majestic Sound, Loose Booty, Brad Lebakken
7/30/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  PKP, The Shuttlecocks, Joe Jitsu, Seven Day Weekend
7/29/2006 Pittsburgh - Rex Theater
  Mojo Fix, Drop Monday, Signal Lost
7/27/2006 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk
  Tony Lee, Ceann Na Caca
7/27/2006 Indianapolis - Birdy's Live
  Hustler, Bullet Jones, Stay the Hand
7/23/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Bullet Jones, Sundown on Centauri,
Diverse City
7/22/2006 Indianapolis - The Attic
  650north, Sweet Dilemma, Emerson Rose,
First Day Back
7/21/06 Detroit - The Locker Room
  Dhark Stahr, Kairos, A Perfect Summer
7/21/2006 Cleveland - Hi Fi Concert Club
  Red Dahlia, The Lab Rats, Concrete Swirl
7/20/2006 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk

Tera Molinaro and Jack McNally, Jay Wiley and Band, Tom Breiding and American Son 

7/16/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Stratosphere, Signal Lost
7/15/2006 Cleveland - Ingenuity Fest
  The Lab Rats, PKP, Vanity Crash, Kevin Mohl & the Burning Sensation
7/15/2006 Cleveland - Harborfest
7/15/2006 Canton - Evolution Skate Park
  Red Dahlia, The Terrors, Halo Effect
7/14/2006 Cleveland - Ingenuity Fest
  Fuzion, Miranda Sound, View from Everest, Red Dahlia
7/14/2006 Cleveland - Harborfest
  Kevin Mohl & the Burning Sensation
7/14/2006 Cleveland - Jigsaw Saloon
  Lab Rats, Complex Mold, PKP, My Surprise
7/13/2006 Cleveland - Ingenuity Fest
  Zach, Megan Palmer, Tony Lee, Bill Toms, Stadium of Saints
7/13/2006 Cleveland - Hi Fi Concert Club
  B.A. Baracus, The Terrors, Starving Goliath
7/13/2006 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk
  Sun Kings, Jason Quicksall, Jack Erdie & the Insubordinates
7/9/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Johnny Thunder, Red Dahlia, Shotgun for Royalty
7/6/2006 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk
  Nik & the Central Plains, Ennui, School of Athens
7/6/2006 Cincinnati - Mad Frog
  Pike, Touchtone, Draft Riot
7/2/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Modern Habit, Burgandy Junk
6/29/2006 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk
  Bill Toms and Hard Rain, Megan Palmer
6/23/2006 Pittsburgh - RPMs Bridgeville
  Bluekarma, PKP, Channel 4, Shonuff
6/22/2006 Indianapolis - Birdys Live Nightclub
  Hustler, Electric Bloom, Lying Dying Liars
6/17/2006 Indianapolis - The Attic
  Dead Pin Ups, 650north, Justify, Short Kid Sammy
6/16/2006 Detroit - 313 Jac's / Jacoby's
  Scott Kinson, The Bloids, Leah Carla Gordone, Matt Dimits
6/16/2006 Cleveland - CMJ / Rock Hall Music Fest
  Jason Quicksall, Kevein Mohl & the Burning Sensation, Southeast Engine
6/15/2006 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk
  Jack Erdie, Further Review, Missing Pages
6/8/2006 Pittsburgh - Boardwalk
  Tom Breiding, B-Nimble & the Boys, Jason Quicksall
6/2/2006 Pittsburgh - Rex Theatre
  Cystym, Shatterpack, Kill the Drama, Dr. Awkward
6/1/2006 Cincinnati - Mad Frog
  Kelp, Embassy, Pike
5/26/2006 Pittsburgh - Moondogs
  Jack Erdie, Joy Ike, Further Review
5/20/2006 Detroit, MI - Paychecks Lounge
  Smashbandits, Toasters Not Torpedoes, Mr. Gnome, The Pogosticks
5/18/2006 Indianapolis - Birdys Live Nightclub
  Chad Mills, Finest Grain, Great Scott, Wheelhouse
4/20/2006 Indianapolis - Birdys Live Nightclub
  Huck Johns, Justify, Webster Street Band
4/20/2006 Pittsburgh, PA - Moondogs Nightclub
  Tony Lee, Jay Wiley, Further Review
4/13/2006 Columbus, OH - Little Bothers Nightclub
  333, MotorChief, Seven Deadly
4/7/2006 Cincinnati, OH  Chicks Rockfest
  Multiple Artist Festival
4/8/2006 Cincinnati, OH  Chicks Rockfest
  Multiple Artist Festival
4/7/2006 Pittsburgh, PA - Jugheads
  Pete Killed Pete, Rockstar Collective,
Red Dahlia
4/2/2006 Cleveland, OH - Jigsaw Saloon
  The Assult, The Last Beginning
4/1/2006 Detroit, MI - New Dodge Lounge
  Murder Mystery,
The Inquistion,
Philo, Cowboy Messiah
3/23/2006 Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theatre
  Dr. Awkward, Modern Habit, Kairos
3/16/2006 Indianapolis, IN - Birdys Live Nightclub
  MotorChief, Sweet Dilemma
3/16/2006 Cleveland, OH - Hi-Fi Concert Club
  My Surprise, Test Pilot,
Distorted, Orien
3/3/2006 Plainfield, IN - The Attic
  650north, Project Hero
3/2/2006 Cincinnati, OH - Holy Grail
  Medic, Peter Adams, Lonely the Seabird
2/23/2006 Indianapolis, IN - Birdys Live
  MotorChief, Justify, Mother Sixgun
2/18/2006 Plainfield, IN - The Attic
  MotorChief, Wet Fence, Permacrush
2/9/2006 Pittsburgh, PA - Boardwalk
  Rockstar Collective, Kack Erdie, Mojo Fix,
Pete Killed Pete, Bill Toms, Clark Slater
2/9/2006 Columbus, OH - Oldfields
  The Husher, Schweinhunden,
One Point Three
2/2/2006 Cincinnati, OH - Holy Grail
  Madras Lounge, Sweet Ray Laruel, Motorchief
1/21/2006 Plainfield, IN - The Attic
  MotorChief, 650north, Wait For Zero
1/19/2006 Indianapolis, IN - Birdys Live
  MotorChief, 650north, Room 13
1/12/2006 Columbus, OH - Little Bothers Nightclub
  Donna Magavero, Trailing Grayson,
Victoria Parks, Alan Downing, Zach
1/5/2006 Covington, KY - Mad Hatter
  Another Tradgedy, 650north, De-Hydration
12/8/2005 Columbus, OH - Little Brothers
  No Soul Jones, Farewell System
11/26/2005 Dayton, OH - McGuffy's
  Beautiful Sinner, 650north,
Mercury at Zero
11/11/2005 Columbus, OH - Basement
  Red Dahlia, The Lab Rats, 333,
Anatomical Scenario, Paper Airplane,
Ryan Smith and the Agency, Glare,
Ooh La Las Burlesque Show
10/20/2005 Cleveland, OH - Many Locations

Alex Bevan, Al's Fast Freight, Anne E DeChant, Barflys, Besto, Billy Morris Band, Blue Lunch, Brett Borovic, Browski, Carlos Jones & the P.L.U.S. Band, Cats On Holiday, Chi Pig, Crazy Marvin & The Blues Express, DarkStarz, Dubflex, Ernie Krivda, Fallen Angels, Frankie Starr, Hammer, Jack Fords, JiMiller Band, Kristine Jackson, Mary Magdeline, Mr. Dibbs, Neil Chastain, Prayer Warriors, Ryan Humbert, Ryann Anderson, Sedi, Teen Spirit, Tommy Wiggins & The Crooked River Allstars, Tri-C Jazz Studies Ensemble, V8, Vanity Crash, Waterband, Will Cheshire,
Zach,  Zydeco Kings

10/5/2005 Indianapolis, IN - Birdy's Live

Sibling Rivalry, Rick Clayton, Jenn Christy,
Jer Gregg Band, Joel Weir & the Faithful, Jethro Easyfields

9/29/2005 Detroit, MI - 313.Jac / Jacoby's

Cowboy Messiah, Murder Mystery, Greater Alexander, Animal Chinz, Silent Violet

7/29/2005 Columbus, OH - Red Zone

Starving Goliath, The Shatters, Miranda Sound, Happy Chichester, The Lab Rats, Sonnyboo Productions, CCAD Media Department, Anatomical Scenario, Jacotti, Doctah X, Visual Revolution Art Collective, Ben DeVoe, Jae Andreas, Matt Barnes, Fred Kirchner, Susann Moeller, Scott Woods, Louise Robertson

7/22/2005 Indianapolis, IN - Blue Cactus Nightclub

Fontaine, Sweet Dilemma, The Lab Rats, MotorChief, Beautiful Sinner, 650north



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