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     Undercurrents promotes music - any and all kinds of music.  We connect fans with bands.  Our web pages are designed to help the beginning, the gigging, the recording, the touring and the  starring (starving) musician.

    As a music enthusiast and fan, we hope you will explore our website and find more music than you ever knew existed.  Take a look at our Music for Fans section for reviews and links to bands, as well as ways to purchase music, and music merchandise.  In addition, we know that deep down, you wish you were up there on stage too.  Check out our Musician Services section for tips on how to begin.

    As a musician, please note that our main purpose is to expose you to more potential fans.  Take a look at our Music Services section for ideas and tips on your career in the music industry as well as links to industry professionals and products .  And, if you remember, let's us know if our services helped.

     As a music industry professional, we already know that your livelihood depends on music.  Explore our pages to find potential business artists, contacts, sales and networking.  We look to you as panelists with our Educational Music Forums.

     Please remember that we are constantly updating this site.  Any input on improvements would be greatly appreciated.  In addition, we are interested in working with contributing writers for reviews on CD's and performances.

     Much of what we do is free.  However, as a supporter of music, we ask you  to help us keep it that way by visiting our on-line sponsor websites.

     Also, join as a member of Undercurrents Music.  There are many benefits to becoming a member.  Check out the membership section for details.

In addition, try further networking through the Undercurrents music club on Yahoo, or http://www.myspace.com/undercurrents at MySpace.

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